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Latest News
Hu Jintao Reelected Party Chief of the CPC
List of Members of Standing Committee of Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee
List of Members of CPC Central Committee Secretariat
List of Political Bureau Members of 17th CPC Central Committee
Hu Jintao Named Chairman of CPC Central Military Commission
List of Chairman, Vice Chairmen, Members of CPC Central Military Commission
He Guoqiang Elected to Oversee CPC Anti-graft Watchdog
List of Secretary, Deputy Secretaries of CPC Discipline Commission
4 New Members Enter China's Top Leadership
Hu Jintao Heads Politburo Standing Committee, with Four New Faces Joining in
CPC Constitution Mentions “Religion” for 1st Time
Delegates Assess Five Future Challenge
Central Committee Increases Women and Minority Alternate Members
17th CPC National Congress Closes
Scientific Development Inscribed in CPC Constitution
List Of Members Of CPC Central Commission For Discipline Inspection
Members of the 17th CPC Central Committee
New CPC Central Committee Elected
CPC Amends Constitution to Foster Private Sector
Scientific Development Inscribed in CPC Constitution
CPC Congress Elects Discipline Commission
17th CPC Central Committee Elected
CPC Congress Closing Session Begins
Eight Percent of Nominees Eliminated in CPC Primary Elections
Chinese Communist Elite Foresee Challenges Ahead
Communist Party Congress Sees Delegates from Diversified Ownership
Founder of China's 1st Sino-foreign Airline Company Aims High
Hu Deping: Socialism Does not Contradict Democracy in the Least
Mainland's Taiwan Work Official Calls for more Cross-Straits Exchanges
Party Never Tolerates Corruption
Chinese Party Delegates Scrutinize Nominees for New Central Leadership
Hu Tells as It Is, Web Surfers Comment on Party Report
Delegates Acclaim CPC's Determination in Curbing Corruption
Intellectual Property Issues Not to Be Politicized
Taikonauts May Build Communist Party Branch in Space
Election Procedures Set for CPC National Congress Personnel Reshuffle
PLA Generals Support Absolute Party Leadership
Two Non-communist Ministers Qualified for Cabinet Posts
Socialist Democracy to Be Promoted
Cadre Training Comes into Focus
427 CPC Officials Investigated by Judicial Departments
Hu Joins CPC Delegates in Discussion
Premier Wen Underscores Emancipation of Mind to Develop Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
Military Preparedness to Curb Threats to Sovereignty
China's Anti-corruption Head Urges Preventive Mechanism to Check Corruption
Tourism, Environment Go Hand in Hand in Tibet
Government Devoted to Building Democracy in HK
US Welcomes Cross-straits Peace Proposal
Senior Chinese Leaders Join Panel Discussions about Hu Jintao's Report
Hu's Keynote Speech Attracts the World's Media
Army and Armed Police Voice Support for Hu's Report
Hu's Speech Resonates among Chinese Public
Hu Sets Goal of Quadrupling per Capita GDP
“Peace Agreement” with Taiwan Appealed
Hu Jintao Delivers Report to CPC Congress
Hu Vows to Expand People's Democracy
CPC Opens National Congress to Map China's Next Five Years
Jiang Zemin, Li Peng and Zhu Rongji to Attend CPC National Congress
Zeng Qinghong Appointed Secretary-General of 17th CPC National Congress
China's Communist Party Promises Broader Information Access to Media during Crucial Congress
Top Leaders to Meet the Press after Congress
16th CPC Central Committee Holds 7th Plenum, Issues Communiqué
CPC Central Committee Plenum Opens
Media Official: China's Upcoming Party Congress Attracts Global Eyes
HK, Macao Pin Hope on Party Congress
CPC Ready for National Congress
Opinions Sought on Draft Political Report
Chen Liangyu Expelled from Party
Amendment to Party Constitution Passed at CPC Central Committee Plenum
CPC Discipline Watchdog Holds Key Plenum
More Non-communist Ministers to Be Appointed
Recovering Castro Sends Congratulations to CPC
CPC Central Committee Key Plenum in Session


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