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Delegate Profiles
From Farmer to Party Delegate
Youngest Delegate Tan Xue: Strive for Gold Medal
Haier CEO: Party Congress Report Encourages Companies to Go Global
Yan Huiqin: The Chef at the State Banquets
Sun Haiping: Coach Cares for Liu Xiang 'Like A Son'
Don't Stereotype Us, Says Private Entrepreneur
Olympic Hopefuls Make Their Debut at Party Congress
Shen Wenrong: The Steel Industry Giant
Wu Yongqi: The Make-up Artist of the Terracotta Army
Chen Guangming: Safeguarding Equal Rights for All
Delegate in Wheelchair Owes All to Education
Zhou Haijiang: Keeping in Mind His Status as A Party Member
Wan Yuanxi: The Father of the 'Artificial Sun'
Yuan Guisheng: Building the New Countryside
Chen Suzhen: The Beauty of the Hainan Opera
Duoji: The Tibetan Geothermal Expert
Tian Ming: Putting Environment before GDP
Wang Yali: The Heroine of the War against SARS
Li Xuehua: Protecting Public Health
Zhang Hemin: “Father” of Pandas
Cheng Meili: A Tireless Textile Worker
Delegates Arrive in Beijing as Communist Party Congress Finalizes Preparations
Yang Liwei: China's First Space Traveler
Zhao Xia: The Lady in A Man's World
Enterprises Urged to Take More Social Responsibilities
One-legged Gymnast Fosters New Champions


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