17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

Chen Guangming: Safeguarding Equal Rights for All

Ms. Chen Guangming from Chongqing Municipality is a graceful, 53-year old woman who excels in a field that people rarely associate with women -- fighting drug trafficking.

In fact, she is the only female chief team leader in her field at the provincial level in China. Moreover, Chen has scored striking success in her battles to crack down on drug trafficking and arrest drug traffickers.

Not surprisingly, in 2005 she was elected as one of the "Top Ten Chinese Women" in China.

"As Mr. Hu Jintao mentioned in his report, the rule of law constitutes an essential requirement of socialist democracy. We must persist in scientific and democratic legislation to improve our legal system with Chinese characteristics," she stressed.

She suggests that China deepen judiciary system reforms, optimize the distribution of judicial functions and powers, standardize judicial practices and build a fair, efficient and authoritative socialist judiciary system to ensure that courts and procuratorates exercise their powers independently and impartially in accordance with the law.

"We need to improve the overall quality of judicial, procuratorial and public security personnel to ensure that law enforcement is strict, impartial and civilized," she said.

About 28 years ago, she entered the Sichuan Police Academy. Chen excelled in college and became a policewoman after graduation.

More than 14 years of hard work at the grassroots level have enriched her work experience. In 1996, Ms. Chen was formally promoted to chief team leader of the Chongqing Public Security Bureau.

"We are China's police: we must respect and safeguard people's rights, and ensure that all Chinese citizens have equal rights toward participation and development in accordance with the law," Chen stated.

"Party organizations at all levels and all Party members must act in accordance with the Constitution and laws using their own initiative. They must take the lead in upholding the authority of the Constitution and laws," she told the reporter.

Since 1997, under her leadership, 2,095 big drug trafficking cases have been cracked and stopped, tens of thousands of drug traffickers have been arrested and huge sums of money have been recovered. Her team always ranks high when the Ministry of Public Security conducts a work evaluation. She also actively supports publicity and education against drugs and advocates efforts toward building a drug-free community.

"Where there is a man, there is also a woman. Men and woman are the same and can do the same job," Chen said.

"I have never regretted becoming a policewoman. And I hope in the future that my daughter will become a policewoman too," she told China.org.cn.

"The residents in Chongqing treat me as their daughter: they help me and support me. I have no reason not to repay them with my dedicated service."




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