17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
Number of CPC Members Rises in Foreign Firms

China has attracted over 600,000 foreign companies to invest in the country since its opening up two decades ago. As the companies develop rapidly, the number of employees who are communist party members is also rising.

This is the service center for Communist Party members at the Suzhou Samsung Semiconductor Company.

The first party organization here was established in 1999. With the development of the company, the number of party members is now over 100.

The firm's human resource chief, Li Chengchun, has been the party committee's secretary in the company since the very beginning. The provincial model worker says only outstanding workers can become party members.

Li Chengchun, secretary of Samsung Suzhou's Party Committee, said, "We put our beliefs into action. Many party members have been promoted to middle and high level positions in the company because of their hard work."

Party members at the Samsung Suzhou Corporation hold regular seminars on the latest CPC policies and documents. They have worked hard to become role models.

Their efforts have won the trust of the management. Many party members have been dispatched to key positions on production lines.
Bang Jeong Ho, general manager of Samsung Semiconductor Suzhou,said, "Many of our best employees are party members. They have worked here since the establishment of our company and made great efforts to develop our business."

Now nearly all the foreign companies in Suzhou Industrial Park have party organizations.

And Suzhou's case is not unique. At Fujitsu's Beijing Research Center, 40 percent of employees are communist party members.

The Party organization here has worked to improve employees' income and welfare. It also organizes members to donate money and clothes for primary schools in remote areas.

The Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau has opened an online platform for exchanges between the city's Party members who work in foreign firms.

Sun Changtai, Party secretary of Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau,said, "In my opinion, many party members working in foreign firms were excellent employees when they worked for the Chinese. Now they are still performing well. This has shown the true image of Communist Party members."

In Beijing, there are now over 2,000 communist party members, and over 200 party organizations in foreign companies.

Party members not only serve as role models at work they are also a bridge to project China's image to the world.




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